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Scientific Production Enterprise «Engler»
We and education

Engler in Education

One of Engler's best competences is the deployment of state-of- the-art technologies for the education sector.

Engler is Ukraine's leader in the deployment of digital lab equipment for physics, chemistry and biology at schools across Ukraine. Here we employ current best practices from Ukraine and around the world.


Since we understand the importance of reform in education, we pay special attention to training teachers in areas such as competency-based learning and the latest methods and skills required when teaching is based on digital lab equipment. Here we draw on the latest experience of global leaders such as Israel's Fourier, a leader in STEM education, and the US's Microsoft, HP and Intel.

To ensure a seamless integration of computer technology into the education and research processes, Engler runs several laboratories that configure and test the education process.


Engler has all the competences it needs to grow in Ukraine's market and obtained all the required certificates, which helps it develop the country's education process in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and using best practices from across the world.

In its approaches and educational solutions, Engler is an innovator that does not blindly accept the Soviet education system (which would mean teaching using the tools from the 1970s) but instead introduces innovative educational tools, thereby setting directions for reform in Ukraine's natural sciences education.


In two years, we have equipped over 300 schools in Ukraine with state-of- the-art educational tools; trained over 1,500 teachers; developed, jointly with a team at the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, practical teacher resource books on using digital lab equipment; and held over 30 regional seminars on state-of- the-art educational tools. As practitioners, our ultimate goal is to make it so that the solutions we supply to schools do not just gather dust but are actively used in the education process.