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Leaders in the market


Engler, a scientific production enterprise and a limited liability company, is one of the largest IT integrators in Ukraine's information technology market. We are the absolute leader in the sector of comprehensive educational IT solutions.


- A young and fast developing company

- Engaged in a fruitful collaboration with the world's best IT companies, learning from their experience in organising business processes and implementing transparent innovation projects that bring real benefit to society

- An innovator whose work helps establish a code of conduct in Ukraine's market

- The first company that, for any project, puts reaching its final goal before profit

- We actively promote transparent and open business, and position ourselves as being completely above board

Leaders in the market

Business Areas

We try to take into account the needs and wishes of customers and suppliers, who in turn know that we are close and are always happy to provide them with the best technology.

Comprehensive systems
and solutions

We design, implement and maintain comprehensive solutions that upgrade or create the infrastructure of enterprises or organisations: data centres, structured cabling, contact centres, unified communications, virtualisation systems, document automation systems, presentation systems and printing solutions.

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Comprehensive solutions
for the education sector

We implement full-scale projects that concern equipping schools with innovative equipment and creating classrooms from scratch using digital lab equipment and other state-of- the-art IT hardware and software. We develop teacher resource books and user guides for educational IT solutions and provide teacher training and technical support for equipped classrooms.


This is Engler's newest business area. Here we develop software for our own educational projects. In the near future, we plan to add another business area: development of applied software products.

Our partners are world monopolists


Projects we are proud of

Completed projects

ENGLER successfully implemented large-scale projects
for the following customers:

Government sector

- Central Election Commission
- Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports
- Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
- Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
- Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
- Department of Economics and Investment at Kyiv City State
- Department of Urban Planning and Architecture at Kyiv City State Administration
- Kyiv City State Administration
- National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Large enterprises of Ukraine

- Raiffeisen Bank Aval
- Platinum Bank
- Galnaftogaz

Educational institutions

-National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy